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15. & 16. There is very little movement in the bottom half of the linkage or at the switch machine's spring-loaded bellcrank but it will be more than enough to firmly snap the track switch 's poin ts from the straight ahead to the curved side of the switch as the switch machine is moved. The spring, switch linkage, and bel/crank should align as

shown in these two photographs. A d just the tension on the point rails of the track switch b y loosening the clampon bottom half of the link and moving it until the tension is equal with the switch thrown in either "straight" or "siding" positions.

"or easy ident i fication. Each of t h e switch machines i s furnished w i t h a wiring d iagram t o show j us t where each wire sho u ld be connected from the machine to the pushbuttons or power pack . Tri-Delt Electronics, Box 203 1 1 , San Diego , Calif. 92 1 2 0 , and others offer a special capacitor d is-

charge type of power supply that is perfect for actuating switch machines. With a normal power pack and push button , too long a pressure o n the pushbutton can allow t h e switch ma chine to overheat and b ur n o u t . The Tri-Delt unit allows only a single snap of power to give positive t hrow to the

switch machine n o matter how long you lean o n t h e pushbut t on. The Tri-Delt unit sells for $ 1 2.00 and will opera t e a ny of the popular brands of swi t ch machines and it can be used with Kadee or any other type of pushbutt o n . O n c e you've installed a n under-the-


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