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1. A paper model kit can be a wel come diversion from the "normal" wood or plastic model kit. Dozens of full-color printed paper castles, his toric buildings, ships, airplanes, and even steam locomo tives are available from John Hathaway Imported Hob bies, 4 10 W 6th St. , San Pedro, Calif. 9073 1. The only tools required are a pair of scissors, a dull knife blade (for scribing "fold" lines), a sharp knife or single edge razor blade, a steel straight edge, and white glue.

2. Hathaway's paper model kits are nothing more than full-color printed paper sheets with all of the parts for the building or locomotive marked with lines for cutting and folding into a completed mo del. The precise detail and accurate fit of the parts makes them far more than toys, however. This sheet is part of the "Canyon City" kit that includes all 20 struc tures shown in the photos of the old western town. The buildings are 1/90 scale; close enough to the 1 / scale of 87 all HO railroad equipment. The com plete set of nine sheets to build all 20 buildings is $4.05 plus 3 5ri shipping charge.

T hese P r i n ted Paper Buildings Make Perfect Backgrou nds For 0 Scale R a ilroads Or Quick Tem porary Structu res For HO Modelers. If You E njoy The Techniques Of P a p er Model i ng, You Might Want T o Try A Complete Paper Loco motive Kit For Your 3. Each of the parts for the individual buildings are numbered on both the front and back of the printed paper sheet. An exploded view of each of the buildings indicates where each of the parts must fit and shows how each of the folds must be made on each piece. Ma ntlepiece!


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