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February 1981 - Page 25

p eak a nd a ngled r oof j oint trimmings of molded tin. One o utstanding architectural feature o f this station is ,its rows o f matched wood columns standing o n brick pedestals a round t he entire building supporting t he w ide r oof o verhang, t hus allowing for a complete outside shelter o n all sides. Old styled wood benches o f d ifferent designs are placed around the station o n t he concrete platform walk against the outside walls on all sides except the s outh baggage room end . The exterior o f t he building is brightly painted white, blue, a nd red. The walls a nd r oof o verhang are white, window frames, doors, a nd t he wood columns are blue, a nd c olumned brick pedestals a re p ainted red. Even the baggage wagon a nd c arts are painted a matching blue. T pe r oof n ow has a rustic red and grey It's a windy day on A pril 26, 1980, t emperature a warm 84 F as the train has stoppedJronting the Seaboard Coastline S tation n ow used b y A mtrak.

The Seaboard Coastline train is about to depart southbound t o S t. Petersburg as passengers are greeted b y Jriends i nfront oJthe ~-r----------------------------------------------------------------------~--~ station.

February 1981


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