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January-February 1985 - Page 3

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MODELER'S M agazine

Kevin M cKinney J im Six
Ed ito rial C oo rdina to r

f eatures
A thearn
Jim Six

H arold A. E dmonson
Senior Edito r

+ Atlas

R ealistic PRR F7's . ............. 6

M ike S chafer
Art Director

Technical Ill ustrator

N ickel P late G eeps e arned t heir s tripes . ......... 14
PM Staff

Rick Johnson
Reseorch & Assista nc e

P rototype p ortfolio: MN8rS G lenwood t ransfer . .... 18
Steve Glischinski

J ohn H. Kuehl J ohn B. H ilbron
Ci rculation /Office M anager

C hrys R epking

M odeling C onrail: P art 2 . ....................... 23
V ictor H and p hotography

EL's b est b ecame C onrail's b iggest: SOP45 . ...... 26

I'ROG.css l
I ."SrnllfC

PM Staff

MOC - 10 f eet
W ayne Sittner

AAR 4 0-footer . ................ 3 4

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P ROTOTYP E M ODElER (ISSN 07341482) IS p ublished b, m onthly b y PT J Publishing. I nc .. 2 024 HIckory R ood. P O 80x 860. H omewood. illinoIS 60430. (312) 957RAIL Sec a nd closs p ostage p oid a t H omewood.llI. a nd a t a dditional o ffice. (USPS 710-590). SUBSCRfPTtON RATES : In t he U S. a nd ils possessions S14 for 6 issues. S24 for 12 issues C anada a nd M exico S17(U S.) for 6 issues. S28(U .S.) for 12 issues. O ulside N orlh A mellca S20(U S) for 6 issues. S34(U.S.) for 12 issues. CHANGE OF ADDRESS :

E&B V alley's m ill g ondola . ........... ............ 37
PM Staff

The Prototype M odeler's N otebook: MOC's t wo-bay c overed h opper . ............. 38
Jim Six

Please send change-otaddress notice at least 11-6
w eeks prior t o m oving . POSTMASTER : S end f orm 3579 10 PTJ Publishing. P.O Box 860. H omewood. IL 6 0430

d epartments
N ow a rriving . ............................................ 4 PM j unction . ............................................ 42 Society p age . ..... ... .. . .. .............................. 4 4
O n t he c over: Th e o ld b rick-walled l ineside industries o f t he Ea st a re q uickly d isappearing from t oday 's ra ilroad s cene , b ut t hey m ake a n a ppropriate b a ckdrop for Jim Six's m odel s 01 Pennsylvonia FTs as t hey a ppeared in t he e ar ly 1960's. The p rototype p hoto , b y Steve Glischinski, show s th e M inneapolis, N orthfield & S outhern Railway's G lenwood t ran sfer b ehind SD39 N o . 41 a t Crystal, Minn.

C orrespondence r egarding n ew subscriptions, r enew als. circulation, c hanges o f address, b ook. b inder a nd b ack issue orders, manuscript a nd p hoto submissions a nd a ny o ther business related to PR010rYP( M ODELER should be sent 10:

PTJ P ublishing , I nc . P.O. B ox 8 60
H omewood , I llinoi s 6 0430

N ote t o c ontributors a nd m anufacturers : We 01 PROTOTYPE M ODELER w elcome your f eature o rticles a nd p hotography. Conditions p ermitting, f eatu res a nd /or p hotographs a nd a rtwork a re p aid for within 9 0 d ays f ollowing p ublication . All p ublished m aleriaL with the e xception o f o riginal c o lor slides. b ecomes p roperty o f PTJ Publishing: o riginal c olor slides will b e retu rned t o t he c ont ributo r. Unsolicited m aterial. if n ot a ccepted, will b e returned o nly if return p ostage a nd s elf-addressed p ackaging a re i ncluded . PTJ Publishing c annot assume responsibility for u nsolicited material. LeHers, p roducts for review ( including b ooks a nd p eriodicals), c l ub inform ation a nd news, etc., a re c onsidered g ra ti s c ont ribu ti ons.



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