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November-December 1984 - Page 41

Frank ElJingLon c o ll e ction

This is the bui lder's photo of ATSF No. 91500 a n AAR 70-ton flatcar of Santa Fe c lass Ft-V. The c ar was built by PullmanStandard in March of 1944. w ithout e xceeding c learance l imits. l oading a nd o ther t ypes o f a ssigned s ervice. D urin g u nder government- allocation the -1950~ s -the S anta-Fe- clas Ft-V ca~s wel'e -f1tted.----~ d uring W orld W ar I I w ere 5 0-ton c ars, b ut c ars b uilt t o w ith p ulpwood r acks , a nd i n t his f orm m ost o f t hem - - ---1II- - - -the-AAR_7.lhtoIl-design_wer.. a uthmtzed f or- several- continued- in- re:v:enue- seI'-vice-for- another twent v-- - - - railroads. T he G reenville Co. d e livered 3 50 7 0-ton y ears. T he E rie's 8 000-series c ars k ept t heir o riginal -----1ff----.J. ~ats _t O-the _EeI'e_Marquette - earl y i n- 1943, 8-Er-ie -Lackawanna mel'ge.~ Lat-~---16500-16849. A b uilder 's p hoto s howing o ne o f t hese e r, h owever, s ome c ars i n t his g roup w ere r enum- - - _III_ _ _-L~_car..s_appeaI'ed_in t he l .9A3 CYC LO RED lA-and- is r e- - bered- when e quipped-with- end- bulkheads,- I'acks- fo 1'--- printed i n TRAIN SHED CYCLOPED IA No. 75. A t a bout t he t ruck f rames a nd b oats a nd o ther m odifications. S ome _ _ _- -j J_ _ _ _, ame_time ,_Eullman b uil L 200_s imilar_ cars f or t h s o f t he_ New_York- Central's AAR_70~ton_flats a ls w ere- - Atchison, T opeka & S anta F e w hich b ecame c lass F trenumbered w hen a ssigned t o s uch s pecial s ervice a s - - --H- - - -3J , N os . 9 1500 -9Hi99. I n- 1944 t h e N ew Y ork C entral' al1.ll1linum-cable 10a
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