Barrow Hill Roundhouse -Fab Four Gala 2012

Posted by Graham Stokes
Barrow hill Roundhouse is Britain's last surviving roundhouse which features an operational turntable. They also have a quarter of a mile of running track which operates during their special events. We see the centre in operation during their "Fab Four" steam gala which held one of the most impressive line up of London North Eastern Railway (LNER) locatives in preservation. It was also the first opportunity to see two garter blue A4's with full streamlining (4468 & 4464), as a result the two were paired together for most of the day. Re-creating that "top shed" feel were: • A4 4468 mallard • A4 4464 Bittern • A2 60532 Blue Peter • A1 60163 Tornado • V2 4771 Green Arrow • K4 61994 The Great marquees • J72 69023 Joem • N2 1744 • D11 506 Butler -- Henderson • J17 8217 • Y7 1310 • C1 Atlantic No. 251 The footage featured shows every locomotive that was in steam running in the video, most of them running up and down the Springwell Branch. The gala was very busy so getting clear shots was hard which is why there are so few. Lastly, A big thanks to all at Barrow Hill for putting on a fantastic show. Really worth visiting if you have not already. BritishTrainVideos 2012
Posted June 1, 2012
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