Testing TSCKA2 with ESU Loksound Select Direct in Amtrak heritage P42 #145

Posted by Rob C
As most of you know ESU is my favorite sound decoder because of their slow speed operation. And TSC is my favorite non-sound decoder for the same reasons. Well now you can have both! Here is my Athearn Amtrak P42 Heritage #145 with a Loksound Select Direct sound decoder and a TCS KA2 Keep Alive unitThe loco has 1.5v bulbs so the performance is reduced due to them, but with LED's TCS claims you can get 5-12 seconds of keep alive operation for dirty tracks and other power dropouts. I will be testing that claim with another sound unit as I do the LED installation soon. For now, very happy to have the keep alive feature with my ESU equipped locos! And the installation with a Loksound Direct is easy as pie. Also work with other Loksound Direct and even Tsunami decoders.
Posted September 22, 2012
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