HOW TO install a Decoder in a Athearn BB engine

The last Monsterrailroad video of 2010 ends with a HOW TO install a DCC decoder into older Athearn Blue box engines using the proper wire harness.
Posted January 1, 2011 - Filed in Modeling - #Athearn install decoder dcc blue box engine how to 
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  • Tim Allen
    Tim Allen Where would you fit the speaker in a blue box if you wanted sound? Also Ive had a difficult time finding room for my speaker in my athearn sd-40
    January 2, 2011
  • Paul Coats
    Paul Coats I've been thinking about the same (sound). Al's doing a SD40-2, but I've got GP38's, 40's, 60's. Actually, the length of the long hood is just about the same, so whatever fits in one will fit in the other. I found some videos with a Tommie something, d...  more
    January 2, 2011
  • Charlie Schulz (schul4)
    Charlie Schulz (schul4) Tim, you'd probably have to put it sideways in the rear, or if theres room in the dynamic brake fan area in the middle, then replace the solid fans with newer see through ones from athearn or if someone makes a kit
    January 2, 2011
  • Mike Cooper
    Mike Cooper like al to tell you the truth u just gave me the confadince to put a decoder into my older atlas rs3 thanks man
    January 3, 2011