HO Scale Layout Tour #1 Jan. 2012

Layout tour of the Western Atlantic & Eastern Pacific model railroad recorded January 2012. The railroad was started in 1995 and in 1999 work stopped on the layout. I got married and had a couple children to take care of. Between the family and working 11 hours a day, I did not have time to go to my parents home to work on it. Since I stopped working on the layout so did the other few people who were involved in it. Over the next 11 years the railroad sat and collected dust. I was told that it either had to be worked on or torn down. The last two years we have been going there on Sundays to work on it. There were 5 of us that worked on it, now we are down to 3.25. It seems like we keeping changing the older stuff more than we work on the new. Guess that's part of the fun of it! The slate gray rocks will be changing shape and going to be more of a tan color soon.
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